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September 29, 2016 #dev diary 5 Comments

What's new in version 1.3.0? .

- Added 8th level of development for Great Hall, Smithy, Shrine and Drakkar, as well as new related schemes and rune scripts;

- Raised the character level cap to 40;

- Fixed several issues that caused most frequent crashes and disconnects from the game;

- Disabled sun shafts on several devices in order to increase game performance;

- Added the ability to quickly fill or empty the pot with materials or runes by holding add (+) or remove (-) buttons;

- Fixed a bug that prevented character corpses and dropped torches from disappearing;

- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a team to lose despite having more valor points than the opposing team;

- Fixed a bug that prevented valkyrie from appearing, to pick up the corpses of fallen warriors;

- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the character level up notification to keep spamming;

- Added new questions and answers in F.A.Q. section.