I, Viking version 1.4.0 update!
What's new in version 1.4.0?

October 1, 2016 #dev diary 5 Comments

What's new in version 1.4.0? .

- Added the ability to look for and invite friends in-game;

- Added the ability to create a battle group consisting of friends that you can play with as a team in the same battle;

- Added new emotes and combat commands to communicate with the players during battle;

- Fixed an incorrect distribution of players in the teams according to their power;

- Removed the penalty when refusing to fight against a team of bots;

- Fixed a problem that caused the game to load infinitely on battle loading screen, when trying to re-connect to battle.

- Fixed game freezing when iOS system messages appeared;

- Fixed a crash when adding the maximum amount of resources in the pot;

- Fixed a problem due to which, sometimes players could not click on enemy Drakkar of level 8;

- Fixed a crash that occurred on some devices due to a large number of messages in the chat, also when you try to write a new message;

- Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect calculation and display of certain values on battle result screen;

- Fixed a bug that sometimes temporarily blocked players account during battle glyph creation tutorial;

- Fixed a bug that sometimes temporarily blocked players account during Drakkar head purchase and installation tutorial;

- Fixed a drop in FPS when blocking and then unblocking your device;

- Increased the number of runes required to create battle glyphs;

- Fixed a number of other bugs and gaps.