I, Viking version 1.7.0 update!
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January 25, 2017 #dev diary 5 Comments

What's new in version 1.7.0?

➡️ Added:

- Added a 9th level of development for Great Hall, Smithy, Shrine and Drakkar, as well as new related schemes and rune scripts;

- Raised the character level cap to 45;

- Added parental controls;

- Added chat rules;

- Added an ability to invite friends through social networks in game;

- Added a separate window to display reward information after the battle.

➡️ Fixes:

- Changed Legendary league rewards after battle. Added bags of materials and runes to the list of rewards;

- Fixed several causes of the most frequent disconnects and game crashes;

- Optimized player village and battle location in order to reduce memory usage and increase game stability;

- Increased the button and text size for the 5th generation iPhone;

- Fixed a number of other problems and bugs.