I, Viking version 1.8.0 update!
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March 3, 2017 #dev diary 5 Comments
I, Viking version 1.8.0 update! ✔ Added: - Added in-game store with artifacts; - Added battle glyphs Momentum, Shell, Purification, Viscosity; - Added crafting glyphs Talent, Reflection; - Added Drakkar heads Attention and Speed; - Added the ability to share the results of the battle in social networks; - Added visualization for Madness glyph; - A "Brunhild's Ring" event was prepared for International Women's Day. ✔ Changes: - Increased the number of daily tasks; - Expanded Legendary league rewards list. ✔ Fixes: - Fixed an error with getting saga of Ingvarr for saga episodes; - Fixed several causes of the most frequent disconnects and crashes of the game; - Fixed a number of other problems and bugs.