I, Viking version 1.2.5 update!
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September 22, 2016 #dev diary 5 Comments

Dear players! I, Viking developer team thanks you sincerely for any feedback regarding the improvement of the game. One of the most hotly debated issues was the problem with players constantly refusing to participate in battle with supposedly much stronger opponents! So we decided to change the matchmaking system. We hope that new rules will minimize the need to refuse the fight.

What's new in version 1.2.5? 

- Improved game stability, fixed the most common causes of game crashes and disconnects;

- Fixed an issue where some players could not find a single battle;

- Fixed an issue with hybrid control type;

- Changed matchmaking system. Now only the players with similar amount of trophies will converge in a single battle. In addition, added a penalty for those players who refuse to participate in battle, players that refuse to fight will not be able to start a new battle for the next 5 minutes;

- Changed the logic of "Players" leaderboard. Now players are ranked according to their squads might, not by the number of earned trophies;

- Fixed an issue when the battle result screen displayed incorrect amount of earned gold in battle;

- Fixed an issue with some in-game purchases not completing successfully;

- Fixed issues with the display of Chinese localization;

- Fixed errors in the Chinese, French and Spanish localizations;

- Fixed an issue with characters getting stuck in different places during battle;

- Added free option to change the name (once).