I,Viking. Our Dream.
It`s going out

May 12, 2015 #dev diary 5 Comments
Having worked on various games after I, Gladiator release, we are now moving full steam ahead on a game we are extremely passionate about. 
Steel Monkeys are excited to officially announce our new title “I, Viking”, the  ideological successor of our epic game I, Gladiator. 
The first thing we realized was that we shouldn’t waste our time and effort trying to do something we don’t absolutely love. Some of us needed a little longer to come to this conclusion but in the end every one of us found our passion.
We’re nerds at heart – proud nerds at that – and we want to do geeky stuff for the rest of our lives. We believe that loving the things you do, and trying to improve your skills everyday, automatically makes you a nerd somehow.
Designed as a real-time action role-playing game, I, Viking introduces new streamlined gameplay, where you control not only a single character, but the whole viking squad.
But despite the traditional games I,Viking is  first-person roleplaying which focuses on meta game. Become part of the scourge of the north, spreading across Europe in a wave of terror.
Battle against the wrest lands from the Franks, Anglo-Saxons and Scots, prove your courage by sailing across the seas to the west. We are trying to explain the history and culture of the Vikings, granting the opportunity to perform rune magic, regarding Thor and Odin and travel all over the ancient Europe.
While keeping the plot secret , we can tell you it will involve all lovely Viking warriors, including female ones from the legends. We know zombie games are a dime a dozen, so we are reinventing the genre at every turn. We can’t wait to show more of the game so keep your eyes peeled to our developer blog as we will be showing off tons of behind the scenes stuff as we get further along in development.
What’s Next?
We finally made our dream come true! Equipped with a groundbreaking idea, the right team, the rich gladiator experience  to make it happen, we are currently developing I,Viking. Tonight it will be presented at DevGamm Moscow