I, Viking version 1.6.0 update!
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December 19, 2016 #dev diary 5 Comments

What's new in version 1.6.0?

► Added:

- Implemented a new, better system of trophy awards, based Professor Elo's rating system;

- Changed (proportionally reduced) the number of trophies of players that are in the legendary league, in alignment with the new rating system. The positions of the players in the league were not affected;

- Added bonus experience for killing a more powerful opponent;

- Added experience "penalty" for killing a weaker opponent;

- Added title system (vip-status) and bonuses for achieving them;

- Added automatic mature filter in game chat, with the ability to turn it off, if player so wishes;

- Added the ability to choose the entry-level of unique character when buying, but not above level 15;

- Added several new avatars for use in the game.

► Fixes:

- Game memory usage optimization;

- Fixed a number of possible crashes of the game client and the server.